T.Carter Steph, Esq

T.Carter Steph, Esq
Co-Managing Broker
From the Office of: Kelly Kingston Homes
Kelly Kingston Homes
2239 NW 39th St, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, OK  73112
Direct: 405-521-1817
Carter’s career in real estate began in 1991, flipping homes and acquiring rental properties.  In 1993, he obtained his Brokers License. In 1997, Carter was accepted to Law School at Oklahoma City University and graduated with honors, earning a law degree in 2000. After spending 7 years in private practice, he was hired by Walters Power International as General Counsel.  Carter’s work included the purchase and sale of power plant equipment and the development of municipal scale power plants around the world.  After he left Walters Power International, he focused on corporate and real estate law privately.  He was hired by RAK Properties, Inc.to serve as General Counsel in January 2014. He is also the Managing Broker of Kelly Kingston Homes, LLC.